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Roosevelt Photo Yearbook
Roosevelt School had such a wonderful year. Please take a few minutes to view our photo yearbook put together by Ms. Murray. In collaboration with our staff, I must say, there are plenty of reasons to smile while at Roosevelt School. ​ Have a wonderful summer and see you in September!
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Students with Planetarium
Roosevelt School Is Out Of This World
On May 15th, the gymnasium at Roosevelt School was transformed into a planetarium! Each grade level had an opportunity to explore the galaxy and our solar system. The Roosevelt PTA helped fund this wonderful assembly by What's Out There...A Planetarium Experience, and the students and staff loved it. The presenter was well versed in the many objects in our sky and taught the students facts about stars, planets, moons, constellations, and more. Our students have been excited about outer space since the lunar eclipse, and this was a wonderful way to keep our students' curiosity moving.
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Students at Assembly
Grade 6 Anti-Bullying Assembly
On April 4th, Grant School hosted an assembly for all 6th graders in the district. The assembly was presented by D. West, who is a former professional football player, sports analyst, and motivational speaker. As a child growing up in New Jersey, he shared many of the struggles he experienced including bullying, poverty, family dynamics, and the importance of school. The students were locked in to D. West's messages about lifting each other up rather than pushing them down and how each of us always has the opportunity to self persevere in times of struggle. Our 6th graders were empowered to "Never Give Up" and live the best life they can for all.
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BCASA Job Fair
BCASA Job Fair
Leadership from the elementary schools and jr-sr. high school banded together on March 9 to help recruit teachers for next school year at the Bergen County Education Job Fair in Montvale, NJ. Pictured here from left to right include Dr. Ferraro, Mrs. Cavins, Mrs. Gonzalez, Mrs. Hernandez, Mrs. Armental, and Mr. Cata.
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Spelling Bee Winner
Roosevelt Spelling Bee Winner
Congratulations to Emma Lantigua for winning the 4th-5th grade spelling bee sponsored by the Women's Club of Ridgefield Park. The event was held on Thursday, February 1st. She was one of 70 students registered to participate amongst the three elementary schools in Ridgefield Park. To stand in front of all those people and consistently spell each word correctly was very impressive.
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Student Participants
The World Game Challenge
On January 12th, 6th grade G&T students from Roosevelt and Lincoln Schools were given the opportunity to participate in the World Game Challenge at the Dwight Englewood School. Eleven 6th graders represented Ridgefield Park along with 150 other students from across the county. Students were divided into regions/world organizations. Each group was given their set allotted resources or lack thereof. Throughout the course of the day, students had to learn to work together to balance the world's resources so that each region would have enough to sustain themselves. It was amazing to see students from all over learn to collaborate so quickly and solve our world's problems.
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PreK Students at Elf Day
PreK Elf Day
On December 7th, the PreK students of Roosevelt School had a chance to meet an Elf. They joined the PreK students from our other elementary schools and jumped into the holiday spirit with stories, treats, games, and gifts. The children even had the opportunity to have an indoor snowball fight. Our students had the chance to dress in comfy pajamas before heading to Lincoln School for a great morning. Special thank you to the PreK staff, and other members of the school community for facilitating such a special event for our early learners.
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Cast in Peter and the Princess
Roosevelt Students Better Than Broadway!
In November, the Roosevelt PTA helped support an opportunity for the students in grades 3-6 to try their acting and musical skills. Our students put on a performance of Peter and the Princess. The students spent just one week rehearsing their lines and songs with the Better than Broadway production company. With the help of the Junior Senior High School Principal, Mrs. Cavins, we were able to watch the dress rehearsal on their stage. Later in the evening of November 17th, the students performed once again for their parents, friends, and other family members in attendance. With a student population of 200 students in grades 3-6, we must say there is a lot of talent to be proud of.
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Students learning from Fire Department
Roosevelt Students Learn Fire Safety
n the spirit of Fire Safety, Roosevelt students participated in a successful fire drill on the morning of October 11th. Additionally, on the 11th and 12th, Village Firefighters came to Roosevelt School to review fire safety with our students. The local volunteers were well prepared for the students and provided details about what to do in case of fire, where to go, and how to strategize with your family for a meeting point. The students also had an opportunity to see and learn about the protective gear and tools used during a fire. Toward the end of the assemblies, the students had opportunities to explore parts of the fire engine that was parked on school grounds. Thank you to the Firefighters who volunteer their time for our students and continue to demonstrate what true heroes are.
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GaGa Ball Pit
GaGa Ball at Roosevelt!
Over the spring, our school field had a GaGa Ball Pit added. The pit was purchased by the PTA, and serves as a fun activity for an entire class to participate in. Additionally, over the summer, the center blacktop had lots of markings added for student activities and learning. Our blacktop now has two functioning basketball courts. Additionally, we have many four square courts, long-jump with meters, multiple sensory paths, hopscotch, a map of America, and a conflict resolution circle to the side which may be used for students with the assistance of a staff member. These awesome additions along with the wonderful things happening inside continue to make Roosevelt School a wonderful place for our students. Have an amazing school year!
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Spring Concert
Spring Concerts at Roosevelt
Spring is in the air, and our Roosevelt students demonstrated their talents during the week on May 15th. Our primary concert and upper elementary concerts were such a success. Grades 1-2 sang many songs and also showed off their dancing skills that were learned in dance class. The upper elementary concert was held at the Junior Senior HS with amazing singing by all, and some fantastic band performances. The concerts were the perfect way to begin the ongoing festivities that highlight the closing of another school year. Roosevelt School is proud of our academic success and artistic talents!
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Teacher of the Year
Roosevelt Teacher of the Year
Please join Roosevelt School and our community in congratulating Ms. Jenna Marmo as our school's 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year. Ms. Marmo has been and continues to impress us with her classroom instruction, engaging activities, and dedication to the students of Roosevelt School and the Ridgefield Park community. Ms. Marmo continues to learn and apply new skills, strategies, and other pedagogy that enhances student learning. She also welcomes other educators to her classroom to see her teaching strategies and always welcomes other ideas to continue her own growth. These positive attributes are just some of the layers we celebrate in regards to this outstanding educator for Ridgefield Park.
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Students and the Principal Celebrate PI Day
Roosevelt Celebrates Pi Day
In an effort to reward our students for fundraising much more than expected for the PTA, Mr. Cata randomly selected three students to smash a pie in his face. In mathematics, Pi is 3.14, which makes March 14th the perfect time to bring the entire school to the gymnasium and simply have some fun. The winning students were also awarded tickets to the Teacher Vs. Harlem Wizards game the following night. If you are wondering where the blueberries came from, we have to give a special thanks to Mrs. Casale for baking it. The homeroom that raised the most money overall was fortunate to see Mrs. Higgins smash the blueberry pie in Mr. Cata's face at the end.
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Students Playing Janga
Global School Play Day
On February 1st, all students at Roosevelt School participated in Global School Play Day. This was a day dedicated to playing with games, legos, dolls, and other toys that were NOT electronic. Students had opportunities to play with friends and teachers in a structured setting. It was great to see the many activities in each classroom where our learning community had a chance to unwind during the winter and use other social skills we also value in the building. All students were well behaved and had a blast!
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Students is Sweaters
Roosevelt School Wrapping up 2022 in Style!
As the final weeks of 2022 came to an end the students at Roosevelt School had a BLAST. We celebrated themed days for each day of the week leading into our break. Students and staff were encouraged to wear pajamas, fun festive hats/headbands, and dress as snowflakes or snowmen. The students even had a special visit from Sant Claus who provided a gift and bagel breakfast thanks to his hard working PTA elves.
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Students Showing Their Work
Paying It Back
On December 14th, students from the Hispanic Arts & Culture class came to Roosevelt School to read to and work with various classes. One group who had the opportunity to work with our Junior Senior HS students was Mrs. Tuzzolo's ESL students in 2nd Grade. It was a great opportunity for our young learners to see how former ESL students mastered English while still embracing the language they first learned to speak. The students shared conversation in both English and Spanish about struggles, accents, success, and love of their culture. On this day, every student in the group including the students in the high school walked out of the classroom feeling better about themselves and what Ridgefield Park Public Schools continues to do to celebrate our students.
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Students with Math Projects
Celebrating Thanksgiving With Math
As Roosevelt School prepared for the kickoff of the holiday season, Mrs. Lomuscio's 4th grade math students created turkeys with math problems on their feathers. Students were observed using their artistic talents while also challenging each other with recently learned math equations that were anything but easy. Our students are thankful of each other, and their remarkable teachers who continue to provide rigorous lessons to push them forward.
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Fire Truck, Fire Fighters, and Students
Fire Prevention Month at Roosevelt
On October 12th and 13th members of the Ridgefield Park Fire Department presented assemblies to most of our students. Every student in grades Pre-K through 4th had a 40 minute assembly that was geared to their age level. Students learned about staying low, evacuating from a building immediately, and of course how to Stop, Drop, and Roll. Of course, the students also had the opportunity to see one of our Fire Engines and many of the supplies that it carries for firefighter and community member safety. We thank the firefighters for their service and spending time with our students.
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Roosevelt Students
Hispanic Heritage Month at Roosevelt
Nothing says community more than our Junior Senior High School students coming to Roosevelt School to read and work on projects with our students. On September 21st, the students in Hispanic Arts and Culture divided between four different classrooms and spent some time with our students. This was a perfect way to join the two schools together as well as recognize Hispanic Heritage Month. All students involved had a great time with their role models and look forward to another opportunity in the future. Special thanks to Ms. Rodriguez and Ms. Morales for setting this up along with the high school students who were well prepared and provided our Roosevelt students a fun and engaging learning environment.
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Back to School
Welcome Back
As August comes to an end and we happily walk into September, please know that our staff cannot wait to see all of our students. The building was buzzing all summer with camps and the summer learning academy. Please see this linked letter from the Principal with important details including our schedule, lunch information, Chromebook information and other highlights to showcase what is coming up. Please make sure you also check the school supply list for your child's grade to make sure they are prepared on the first day of school. See you on September 8th!
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Roosevelt School Sixth-Grade Students
Roosevelt Celebrates our 6th Graders
The final two weeks of school have been a blast! All students had the opportunity to participate in many events including ceremonies, field day, and year end celebrations. However, we wanted to make sure the 6th graders had their proper sendoff before heading to the Jr. Sr. High School. On June 15th, our 6th graders had their promotion ceremony. The families were there to support their children and celebrate with them. On June 17th, we held a Beach themed dance in the gymnasium. Fun was had by all. During the last week of school, we also had a 6th grade carnival, and we ended the last day of school with our second annual clapp out where the 6th graders had one last time to walk each hallway and stairwell while all students and staff clapped and cheered for them. Eventually, the 6th graders left through the main entrance which is where they started their Roosevelt careers. The families were there to continue the cheering and celebrating. Congratulations Roosevelt Class of 2022!
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Student examining model of the human mouth
Better Speech and Hearing
For the month of May, our speech students at Roosevelt School are celebrating Better Speech and Hearing Month. Although awareness of speech and hearing difficulties is a year-round necessity, setting aside a month calls special attention to identifying and treating the troubles associated with speech and hearing. To celebrate, our Roosevelt students are learning all about the different parts of their mouth and how each part helps us make sounds. They are also learning fun facts about speech and hearing. For example: Did you know that to produce a phrase, about 100 muscles of the chest, neck, jaw, tongue, and lips must coordinate? or that Sound travels at the speed of 1,130 feet per second. That’s 770 miles per hour! Students are having a blast learning new facts and growing a better understanding of speech and hearing. They are also helping to grow awareness throughout Roosevelt School by creating posters. Please help us spread the word about Better Speech and Hearing Month!!!
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Mr. Pasquariello and Mr. Cata in Front of Roosevelt School
Mr. Pasquariello, Roosevelt's Teacher of the Year
On Thursday, March 31st Roosevelt School shared a special announcement for this school year's Teacher of the Year. Mr. Pasquariello has been and continues to impress us with his physical education classes, health classes, and support for all members in the school community. Mr. Pasquariello is also seen around the school hanging posters with positive messages and adding math problems on the stairs for our students. These positive attributes are just the first layer of all the wonderful things this outstanding educator does for Ridgefield Park.
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Students in Gym Celebrating
Read Across America at Roosevelt
The first week of March kicked off Read Across America, and Roosevelt School made sure to celebrate it each day. For grades K-2, we were fortunate enough to have some special guest readers including Firefighter Gonzalez, Officer Garcia, Superintendent Haines, Principal Cata, and The Cat in the Hat. The 3rd graders were visited and read to by the Elks Club. Thanks to the Elks, every 3rd grader was given a short novel that they could keep. Our students in grades 3-6 were also visited by Author/Illustrator C. Spliedt. He read one of his books to the students and demonstrated some of his artistic talents while creating characters based on ideas from the Roosevelt students. It was wonderful to celebrate the love of reading and share the hopes that we will all continue to read every day.
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Global Play Day
Global Play Day
On Friday, February 18th Roosevelt School participated in Global School Play Day. This was a day dedicated to the students experiencing unstructured play while in school. While there were some class assignments and other assessments that were completed before the mid-winter break, every student was able to spend more than half of the school day playing with games, toys, cards, and other traditional fun activities. We were happy to "unplug" as a school and avoid any technology including items which may require batteries. While the students and staff had a great time playing it was observed that students were also learning key skills like socializing, sharing, using strategy, and time management.
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Art Supplies
Roosevelt School is Offering Clubs
Thanks to grant funding and support from other resources, Ridgefield Park has been able to offer some great opportunities for our elementary students. Many teachers have taken on a club or extracurricular activity that will allow our children to dive further into their interests. Parents and students are asked to review the Roosevelt School Activities Sheet to see what great things are happening at Roosevelt School.
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Holiday Bear and Gifts
Roosevelt School is Ready for the Holidays
December was a month dedicated to Kindness. As quickly as the month came, we are watching it leave and bring with it, a New Year. Our 6th graders had an opportunity to celebrate a Winter Dance with the help of the PTA. Additionally, all of our students were able to join in a Spirit Week before the holiday break. These fun activities could not have been done without the support and "kindness" of our community. And our favorite act of kindness for the month was our staff members' donations of toys, games, and teddy bears to Holy Name Hospital's Pediatric Wing. Please take the time over our break to relax, eat cookies, and spend time with your loved ones. Have a Happy New Year!
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Roosevelt Book Fair
Roosevelt Book Fair
The Roosevelt School Book Fair started on October 4th. Students excitedly came from their classrooms to shop for the many items available. There are items available for each grade level including leveled books, novels, diaries, adventure books, non fiction books and so much more. Thanks to the PTA, the book fair is facilitated by their membership and each student has an opportunity to shop during a class period. A special thank you also goes out to the homeroom teachers who helped our students with the purchasing of these items. Happy Reading!
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4th of July Parade Float
July 4th Float
Happy Fourth of July! This year all three Ridgefield Park Elementary Schools participated together in the traditional town Fourth of July Parade. It was a great way to really kick off the summer season in true RP fashion. After overcoming many challenges this year, the theme of the 2021 float was, “We’re In This Together.” Members from all three PTA’s worked together to make this fun and colorful project come to life. Students and PTA board members from all of the elementary schools rode on their impressive creation while waving to the crowds, blowing bubbles and energetically dancing to great music. A great time was had by all!
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Roosevelt Grade 6 Promotion Ceremony
6th Graders Say Goodbye to Roosevelt School
The sixth grade students of Roosevelt School had their promotion ceremony on June 17th at 11:30. Family and friends were able to be in attendance, and many classrooms from in the building came outside to cheer on their older role models. The ceremony was not conducted in its usual format, but who can blame this group for celebrating their achievements in their own way. Something new this year was a dance solo performed by Alexa De Los Santos Pena. The students also sang "Stand by Me," which was very fitting for a group who always looked out for each other. While the families had the opportunity to watch their children become individually recognized, the highlight of the ceremony was the shared dance moves each duo performed at the end. We are so proud of this group and know that they will impress their new teachers next year in middle school. Congratulations Roosevelt Class of 2021!
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Roosevelt Kindergarten Promotion Ceremony
RS Kindergarteners Celebrate Their Promotion
On Thursday, June 17th, at 9:30 AM, the kindergarten students of Roosevelt School had their chance to shine in front of family, friends, and staff. The promotion ceremony was celebrated with our 33 students who will be moving on to bigger things next year. Speeches were shared by both Dr. Bender and Mr. Cata. However, the highlight of the event was the performances completed by our students. Even though we had an unusual school year, these children were able to sing songs, dance, recite poems, and lead the crowd into joyous cheers. We are so proud of how resilient the kindergarten students were this year and look forward to seeing what they will accomplish next year.
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Mr. Kenny
Mr. Kenny Fulfills His Promise
Roosevelt School had their Hero Squad Fundraiser in the month of April. All of the money raised went to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Besides last year, Roosevelt School has continuously done a fundraiser for the LLS each year under Mrs. Lawrence. Mr. Kenny wanted to continue this phenomenal tradition and so did the Kindness and Caring Club. As an incentive, he told the students he would shave his hair into a mohawk for the entire month of May if we raised more than $3000. Not only did Roosevelt School raise $3000, it went way above that at $4125.87! Thank you to everyone who helped Roosevelt make the world a better place! Pictured below is Mr. Kenny and his “Mayhawk” which he has had since May 1st and will continue to have until May 31st. Attachments area
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Caterpillars and Butterflies
Roosevelt Kindergarteners Raise Caterpillars
As most students were getting ready for spring break, some of the kindergarteners at Roosevelt had one more thing that needed to be done. Our students released the butterflies that they raised from the caterpillar stage. During the weeks leading up to this great event, the students had the opportunity to watch the caterpillars eat the needed vegetation for energy and to pupate into a chrysalis. From there, it was a waiting game for about a week. At that time, the butterflies began to pull themselves out of the chrysalis and slowly flapped their wings to help dry them off and become ready for flight. On Friday, April 16th, the students went outside to have their snacks and say goodbye to friends who would hopefully continue to help pollinate flowers and help with the circle of life. The students loved this opportunity to see the butterflies leave their netting and fly to the trees on our school grounds.
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Enrichment Activity
Roosevelt School Offers Enrichment & Assistance
The traditional school setting that we all knew has drastically changed over the past year. Much of this is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the Roosevelt teachers are seeking many opportunities to continue keeping our students engaged. Each grade level is offered different activities to choose from on a weekly basis. Some of the activities include Arts and Crafts, Recorder Club, Dance, School Newspaper, Comic Stips Creator, Spanish Club, Sports Talk, and Maker Space. During the afternoon sessions on school days, many teachers offer these activities in addition to their available time to provide additional support to our learners. A second grader named Alan who attends Mrs. Morris' Marker Space Club says, "Being in Maker Space inspires me to build things and prepare me for when I'm an adult." Alan said he hopes to become an engineer when he grows up. These are awesome opportunities for students to stay connected and focus on engaging activities that challenge their mind and collaboration with their peers. The School Newspaper (Scarlet Quill Junior) has been a great success with the joining of interested journalists from each of the three elementary schools. One of our contributors, whose column is called Ask Ms. Know it All said, " I take joy in giving other people advice. Giving other people advice helps me learn the type of person I want to be and better myself. Hopefully our readers and peers know they are not alone, and someone is always here to listen, and to help." Our students are involved and we can see they are also helping others and planning for the future. I commend the teachers for their continued support of our students and recommend that your child join an afternoon club/activity when they have the time.
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Masthead of Scarlet Quill Jr.
Read Our New Scarlet Quill Jr.
Looking for quality literature? Try the Scarlet Quill Jr. Our 5th and 6th graders were offered an opportunity to write anything based on their interest while culminating the pieces into one template. Please enjoy reading the material from each of our buildings. Each students’ piece includes their name and the school they attend.
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picture of new website homepage
RP Website Relaunch
We are pleased to announce that the Ridgefield Park district website has a new look and feel. We've added a megamenu which will put most important resources only one click away as well as a qucklinks bar for our most accessed resources. This is extra text designed to test the overflow feature.
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