Roosevelt Offers Students Enrichment & Assistance

Roosevelt School Offers Enrichment & Assistance
Posted on 04/15/2021
Enrichment ActivityThe traditional school setting that we all knew has drastically changed over the past year.  Much of this is due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, the Roosevelt teachers are seeking many opportunities to continue keeping our students engaged.  Each grade level is offered different activities to choose from on a weekly basis.  Some of the activities include Arts and Crafts, Recorder Club, Dance, School Newspaper, Comic Strips Creator, Spanish Club, Sports Talk, and Maker Space.  During the afternoon sessions on school days, many teachers offer these activities in addition to their available time to provide additional support to our learners.   A second grader named Alan who attends Mrs. Morris' Marker Space Club says, "Being in Maker Space inspires me to build things and prepare me for when I'm an adult."  Alan said he hopes to become an engineer when he grows up.  These are awesome opportunities for students to stay connected and focus on engaging activities that challenge their mind and collaboration with their peers.  The School Newspaper (Scarlet Quill Junior) has been a great success with the joining of interested journalists from each of the three elementary schools.  One of our contributors, whose column is called Ask Ms. Know it All said, " I take joy in giving other people advice. Giving other people advice helps me learn the type of person I want to be and better myself. Hopefully our readers and peers know they are not alone, and someone is always here to listen, and to help."  Our students are involved and we can see they are also helping others and planning for the future.  

I commend the teachers for their continued support of our students and recommend that your child join an afternoon club/activity when they have the time. 
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